Conscious Entrepreneurship :: A 1:1 Business Up-Leveling Intensive


Learning business strategy and applying it can feel really draining compared to the creation side of your business. And let’s face it - it’s the vulnerable next step in putting yourself out there to the public. It doesn’t have to feel so heavy or arrogant. If you have done the mindset work and know that this mission isn’t about you, but it’s more about the impact on the collective… you’re already further than you think.

Perhaps now you need somebody to run ideas by. Or someone to call out your blind spots and hold you accountable for executing your vision. Maybe you have SO many brilliant ideas and you’re just not quite sure how to execute them, that having an expert visibility and marketing strategist help you break it all down is the most efficient next step. This is where Kozmic Kaela comes in. 

There are three options you can choose from to collaborate with Kaela, depending on where you are at in your business. All options include 1:1 Creative Marketing & Content Strategy Sessions, as they are the absolute most important component of the entire project. They will serve as the inspirational foundation and fundamental structure for you to confidently take your business and impact to the next level.

These sessions will not only focus on capitalizing on the work you have already put in to growing your business, but Kaela will also provide detailed guidance on how you can best monetize your vision and message through a variety of online and offline campaign initiatives.

To receive the most out of our time together, you will need to be willing to follow through on strategies that align with your business while also providing Kaela details and insights on your experience along the way. 

Here is what you can expect with these 1:1 sessions::

  • All sessions will be held on your dedicated weekly date/time for sixty (60) minutes each. You will meet with Kaela on Zoom and the call will be recorded and uploaded to your online client folder within 72-hours following each session. This way you will have detailed record of the sessions to review as needed. 
  • You will walk away from every session with clear, detailed action steps that you feel in resonance with so that you keep your fprward momentum strong. It is expected that you will follow through on these, unless otherwise communicated to Kaela. 
  • You will be helped in the area of developing an expanded level of knowledge for online and offline marketing strategies to implement long after the project with Kaela has concluded. 
  • You will also receive ongoing communication, guidance and accountability with Kaela between sessions. This will be provided Monday through Friday via Voxer and Email, with response times in 24 hours or less.

There are THREE 1:1 options you can choose from. See PROGRAM OPTIONS module to feel into which is the best fit for you at this time.

Every accepted 1:1 client receives substantial bonuses, including ::

  • Access to other Inspiring Sovereignty programs (over $2500 Value!)
  • Membership to Kozmic Den :: A constellation of starseeds who support each other in embodying their ancient masteries and gifts ($37/mo Value)
  • Marketing visibility on Kozmic Kaela's public platforms

Interested in learning more? HERE are your 3 options! Simply find the one that feels right to you, and book your call with Kozmic Kaela to ensure it's a good fit for both of you!



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OPTIONS for 1:1 Intensives

3 Lessons

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3 Lessons

View Teaser Module

3 Lessons

Let's get this party STARTED, !! 

I'm sure you agree that the more I know about you and your business before we get started, the sooner we can dive deep into our collaborative process!

Answer the questions in each of these 'lessons' as best as you can, and if something doesn't apply simply type N/A (with an explanation if necessary). 

Please have these questions answered before our first video call. Let me know if you have any questions for me, and I'm happy to answer!  

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