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Conscious Entrepreneurship :: A 1:1 Business Up-Leveling Intensive

Ditch the overwhelm and get that needle moving! With laser-focused customized action steps that work for YOUR business, and accountability along the way... Choose from 3 options to work with Kozmic Kaela 1:1 and take your impact and visibility to the next level!

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Kozmic Immersion :: A Galactic Path to Sovereignty

A unique 4 day immersion with FIFTEEN inspiring and greatly-renowned educators, the Kozmic Immersion will leave you with tools and permission to live out loud in your divine magnificence. This is the GALACTIC path to sovereignty, . Access your ancient wisdom. Apply it to your current reality. Lock arms with starseeds who accept you for all that you are!

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Conscious CommUNITY :: The Gateway to Visibility and Profitable Connections within Your Ideal Network

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Conscious Course Creation

What is it:

A 6-week program designed to not only walk you step-by-step through building out and marketing a profitable digital program to your ideal audience, but it will help you create it according to your HUMAN DESIGN!

Who it’s for:

Service-based entrepreneurs who are craving more freedom without losing income, and have an idea for an online program but don’t have the time/energy to figure out how to effectively create and launch one.

Who is facilitating this experience:

Kozmic Kaela is an Online Business Strategist and will bring over 15 years of experience in business development, sales and operations, and 10+ years in community building and course development. Creating and automating digital programs have provided passive income while making a global impact in her business, and she is eager to teach you to do the same! 

Megan Stewart is an Online Business Manager and Human Design/Gene Keys mentor. Combining these two gifts will allow you to feel less overwhelm and more in alignment with building your online program in a way that’s unique to YOU. She has extensive experience in holding space for mindset work while people like yourself take their business to the next level.

When it runs:

Feb 18th - March 31, 2019

What those ready for this shift are thinking right now...

● “I wish I could have more freedom in my schedule but if I don’t show up, my income suffers.”
● “I know what I want to teach but I have no idea how to make it professional and profitable
because I’m not tech-savvy and get overwhelmed with where to even start.”
● “I would love to take an intimate and powerful group through a transformative process.”
● “I want to automate programs so that more income comes in as I grow my business.”
● “I don’t know why people would want to learn from ME when there are so many resources out
there already.”
● “I feel really vulnerable and alone when I think about putting myself out there in a bigger way.”
● “I don’t always work in the way others do, so it can feel overwhelming and confusing at times.”
● “I don’t want to come across salesly when I’m offering something I’m so passionate about”

^^^^ If you are nodding and saying “YESSSSSSS that’s ME!!! YESSSS!” know that you’re not alone. These are things we constantly hear and support other businesses with…. And we’ve both been there!

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